Working from home is the new normal nowadays but the cost companies face to have their employees shift computers from an already-set office, with paid software licenses, to their own PC at home can be quite significant. Having that in mind, the developers of TSplus-RemoteWork designed a secure, multi-device application for remotely accessing office workstations from the comfort of a home computer.

Easy configuration of the server side

Relying on a server-client architecture, TSplus-RemoteWork enables users to connect to a gateway that handles individual connections to the office desktop computers. The server application must be installed at the office, while clients must be deployed on home PCs. All that a user needs to connect to the server is an active Internet connection and a web browser.

The administrative panel is where the administrator can manage the web portal and the office workstations. For each of latter, one must know the Windows login credentials and the fixed LAN IP address. The first step is to add the workstations for each of the client users that will be connecting remotely. It is not an issue if a workstation has more than one user, as every one of them can create an individual remote session. Active Directory is supported.

Connect remotely via a web browser

The client application must be deployed to each home computer for it to be able to connect remotely to the server. To initiate a remote connection, users must navigate to the remote IP address in the web browser to see the login form, which prompts them for the Windows logon name and password.

Pressing the “Connect” button opens a new tab where the user can access the company’s workstation from their home PC, via the preferred web browser. One feature worth mentioning is that TSplus-RemoteWork automatically captures the desktop session on the office workstation, allowing the user to resume where they left off.

Remotely access office PCs

TSplus-RemoteWork is a remote access solution that allows quick and time-saving access to the office resources. It acts as a gateway, juggling with connections of remote users to their office workstations. Allowing access via a simple web browser, it facilitates the transition to a comfortable and efficient work-from-home environment.

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