While anyone can create a basic PowerPoint presentation, it takes a lot of experience and effort to design one that is going to both captivate your audience and help you get your point across.

Power-user is a complex PowerPoint add-in that provides you with a broad range of templates, icons, diagrams, illustrations and charts, as well as a set of useful tools that can increase your productivity.

A high-quality presentation can be put together in minutes if you have access to the right resources. To this end, Power-user offers numerous templates, frameworks, themes, slide designs and graphics suitable for a wide range of fields.

The add-in also comes with a comprehensive selection of editable maps, Gantt charts, diagrams and icons. These items can be added to your projects easily, and may save you a lot of time at the end of the day.

Aside from the templates and graphics mentioned above, Power-user includes a series of tools that allow you to organize your projects and help the audience stay on track.

For example, you can add sticky notes to write add and share comments, insert mini-slides to refer to another page in your presentation, generate a summary with a single mouse click, add a progress bar or insert various other elements in all of your project’s slides.

Power-user is integrated into the PowerPoint interface upon installation, and all the new functions and resources can be accessed from the newly-created tab.

Of course, the templates and tools included in this package are primarily designed to help you create business-related presentations, so it should prove especially useful for companies who wish to increase productivity.

Overall, Power-user is a feature-packed PowerPoint add-in that includes a wide range of templates, maps, charts and diagrams, as well as multiple handy tools. It makes it a lot easier to design high-quality presentations and can increase your overall efficiency.



Power-user 1.6.1854.0