Domain Hunter Gatherer is meant to assist users in locating web domains that have expired and are up for sale at a very low price. The application can apply multiple types of filters and these settings can be saved as a TXT, CSV or XML file for later use.

Integrates with several third-party sites for improved results

The program integrates with three external search engines: Domain Auction Hunter, Web 2.0 Hunter and Expired Domain Hunter. Having more than one option is a great method for double-checking the query results.

The resource is, in essence, very straightforward. Once a valid text string has been inserted in the search field, the software automatically connects to the aforementioned sites (the number of engines queried depends on the license purchased – e.g. a basic license will only communicate with Domain Auction Hunter).

Each engine has its own tab in the interface, which means that one could issue commands to Web 2.0 Hunter and, while these are loading, connect with Expired Domain Hunter to search for another domain. This is a great method of multitasking, but also for checking the efficiency of the engines themselves.

Features multiple options for sorting and filtering results

As one could image, trawling the Internet for legacy websites can return thousands of entries. Therefore, any software that sets out to do what Domain Hunter Gatherer attempts will face severe problems, unless viable methods of filtering the results are found.

Fortunately, this is one of the strong points of this application. Simple text quick-filters can be applied, as well as more advanced functions, such as the minimum age, the number of Facebook shares or the Alexa ranking. All in all, there are more that 30 such options, which means that finding the right domain is just a matter of applying the correct filter.

To conclude, Domain Hunter Gatherer is a powerful software that is well-suited for anyone in the business of trading legacy website domains.