Watchdog Anti-Malware is a highly capable computer scanner and cleaner, which allows you to remove threats from your computer. The tool can detect both malicious files, as well as suspicious keys, certificates, settings or executables.

The Smart scan and Deep scan are the two operational modes available in Watchdog Anti-Malware. They depict a fast and selective scanning mode versus a longer, comprehensive detection mode.

Each malicious element the program detects is automatically filtered through the Cloud Scanning Platform fingerprint. The purpose of this protocol is to check the files/items against several antivirus engines and verify their status. It can thus confirm the status of any threat and recommend an appropriate action.

The tool allows you to remove malicious files, send them to quarantine if they cannot be deleted or repairing them. Pending the computer scan, each item Watchdog Anti-Malware detects is marked for one of these actions, but you can manually choose another course.

Watchdog Anti-Malware’s main screen features several areas: the computer status, the date of the latest scan and the file scanner. The latter is represented by a box in which you can drag and drop any file to verify its safety.

The program can perform scheduled scans, at the specified interval. You can set it to start with Windows and immediately search the system or set the schedule to every day or once a week. A restore point can be created before repairing or deleting any file/object, as a safety measure. This action might make the process slower and you can disable it if you wish.

Watchdog Anti-Malware allows you to create a list of exceptions: files that the program should skip during the scan. These might be important documents that you do not wish to risk deleting permanently. You can set the program to remove browser extensions, view the quarantine list and view the reports generated after each scan.




Watchdog Anti-Malware Business 4.3.61 Setup

Watchdog Anti-Malware 4.3.68 Setup

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