Getting your product documentation right is a challenging task, especially for technical needs, software solutions, database or network integrations, and other business needs.

With Software Ideas Modeler, you have all that covered, plus useful features for single or team collaboration.

This application allows you to describe a lot of aspects of your business. It is a CASE tool, which stands for Computer-Aided Software Engineering. These types of applications and implementations cover a broad area of needs, such as documentation creation, reverse engineering of a process, diagramming, code generation, process analysis, etc.

Regarding its effectiveness, Software Ideas Modeler is lightweight, runs smoothly, and offers a crazy amount of features. The program is indeed a full-fledged diagramming and technical-process-describing instrument.

The program offers an interesting feature that can come in handy for the creation of presentations, user guides, or employee training materials. You can use the diagram-to-code feature, with support for well-known programming languages, for generating code from your diagram.

For example, based on a given UML diagram (that represents an entire system with roles, classes, etc.) you add in this tool, you can generate code using the option called ‘Source Code Generation,’ which allows you to create output in popular programming languages, with different encoding types.

Software Ideas Modeler is an impressive tool that incorporates a lot of features into a modern-looking and resource-efficient desktop application.

Plus, you can use the application in local, client mode only, or you can go online, by connecting it to your server.

The tool lets you create E-R diagrams, static and dynamic software design models and behaviors, business infographics (roadmaps, tutorials, guides, diagrams), and, most importantly, complex software architectures, with the illustration of systems’ and processes’ correlations.



Software Ideas Modeler Ultimate 14.55