Some companies opt to use payroll software to keep track of their departments and employees. No one likes getting late or incomplete salaries, so regardless of your company’s size, using a payroll software you can turn to for payroll-related matters is recommended.

Designed for companies of all sizes, BrightPay is such a solution, and it takes a modern approach to it all. It’s a place where employers can keep track of all things payroll, from how money is distributed at company level, down to each employee’s benefits, payslips, and more.

All things payroll
As stated earlier, the program takes a modern approach to payroll management. The first time you use the app, you’ll be guided through the employer setup process, which is a thorough way to ensure that you’re starting everything on the right foot. You’ll have to complete some details about your company, as well as answer some finance-related matters, such as your company’s benefit tax accounting method, pay frequency and basis, when annual leave starts and how it is calculated, and so forth.

You will then be able to start adding your employees, as well as fill in some information about your departments. When adding employees, it’s best to be as thorough as you can when filling in their details. Add payment details to your employees’ profiles, such as how their wage is worked out, manage their hourly and daily rates, and fill in their payment method of choice.

Tax-related information is likewise available, and all manner of details are options are present here. For instance, if an employee is on a student or postgraduate loan, you can choose to deduct some of their loans. There’s also a menu for HR-related information, which includes an employee’s starting salary, next review date, and other such information.

Useful integrations
The software seeks to blend into your company’s workflow by supporting integration with services of many types. This includes API integration with several accounting package solutions, and similar options are likewise available for pension providers. Employers and subcontractors can also be paid directly through the software via the Modulr integration.

BrightPay certainly has a lot to it: the commitment to streamlining payroll-related tasks is clear, and as such, users have a solution worthy of their consideration in this piece of software.



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