If you need and application that provides the necessary means to automatize cleaning data files or sources data jobs, Ron’s Data Stream may give you a helping hand.

After the app’s first boot, you are faced with the primary process selection pane. From this point, you can choose to create a new cleaner or a new job or to open already created instances.

To create a Cleaner, you have to complete a list with rules that determine how will a Cleaner impact a data source. When creating a Cleaner, the following rules must be considered: Column selectors, Rows Selectors, Column Processors, Row Processors, and Cell Processors. Each of these rules allows you to appreciate how many of each instance will be added and operated on.

Similar to the Cleaner, a Data Job sports five sections that require you to complete with the necessary info in order to make it functional. The sections are listed as Source Containers (actual data source holder), Source Profiles, Output Container (where the processed result are going), Output Loggers and Output Formatters.

To be fully functional, a Job requires a data sources list, a setup Cleaner, and a list with outputs. These elements are all is needed for the app to create an automatic process that can be fired by a single push of a button.

Ron’s Data Stream is a smart application that can take care of your data processing needs by providing a full-featured platform that, with a little exercise, can save you a lot of hours of manual labor. Due to its complexity, new users may need some time to read and familiarize themselves with the entire mechanism. The developer’s website and the quick tutorials from within the app can cover any question anyone could have.



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