WindowTop is a program that lets you see any window that you have open on your computer, and you can even give the fixed window a red border to make it easier to identify and access it. Of course, this border is fully customizable, and you can change the thickness or color.

One of WindowTop’s most useful tools is, without a doubt, the ability to create anchors. These anchors make windows or other programs readily accessible with a single click, without the whole window taking up space. In short, these anchors let you create visible on-screen shortcuts that let you open any window with a single click. The result is that you can switch between different windows more quickly than by using alt+tab.

Another very interesting feature is that you can change window transparency. Thanks to this feature, you can see through a fixed window and even click on something behind it. Again, you can customize the transparency gradient to suit your needs. You can make a window almost invisible or reduce the transparency by only five percent, depending on your needs.

WindowTop is a very useful program that’s perfect for users working on a computer with only one screen. Even for those with two or more screens, this program can be very useful, as you can have all kinds of windows and shortcuts readily available.



WindowTop 5.22.10 Beta