When you need to assess many documents on a regular basis, you might have trouble recognizing the ones that are not genuine, so a tool like Plagius Professional can come in handy, as it analyzes your files and notifies you if any plagiarism is detected.

Detect plagiarism in several files at the same time

The application comes with an intuitive graphic user interface that allows you to easily select one or several documents to be processed in a single go.

Since drag and drop is not supported, you need to browse to the files you want to analyze, be they HTML, HTM, DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, SXW, TXT or PDF, and add them to a list, then sit back and relax while Plagius Professional examines their contents.

Alternatively, you can paste a text in the dedicated field or enter a web address and have the app review them as well.

Generate a detailed reports with all the plagiarized phrases

Once the selected data has been evaluated, a report is automatically created and you can access it and explore all the phrases and expressions that were detected as being plagiarized.

Plagius Professional displays a list with the websites where phrases or sentences from the source documents were found, while also offering you the possibility to export the report to an HTML file for later analysis.

Adjust speed and accuracy of the plagiarism detection

Plagius Professional comes with a nice range of customization options that you can modify to your liking; for example, you can switch to a certain text file encoding (you can choose between Auto, UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1) or you can set the app to connect to the Internet via proxy.

Additionally, you can alter the analysis speed or accuracy to suit your needs, if you are not pleased with the default configuration.

All in all, Plagius Professional can be of use to all users who want to make sure the texts they are reviewing are original and that they have not been copied off the Internet.



Plagius Professional 2.9.3