Chemical engineers have to go through a lot of equations in their daily routine and manually solving these items can take up a considerable amount of time. For those wishing an automated reliable solution to such issues, EquationsPro, provides a streamlined option.

Specifically, the program can solve mechanical design and membrane stress equations, as well as provide answers for distillation, heat transfer, and electrical formulas. What’s more, the utility can also be employed to perform various SI unit conversions, thus proving itself as a valuable ‘drawing board’ aid.

Other solvable items include mathematical and Physics equations, as well as mass flow, heat conduction, and manufacturing formulas. Almost 400 items can be solved, thus catering to a wide variety of computational needs.

Obtaining palpable results is a simple operation of data entry, as the users need only to define the input parameters and the program will automatically employ its built-in algorithms to return results. Where applicable, the application will also generate building schema, a feature that can be especially useful when designing prototypes.

Several auxiliary tools can serve to enhance one’s overall results, such as a graph builder, calculator or a periodic table viewer. Users can also employ a fully-working media player and web browser, although one can only wonder what practical purpose these latter two items could serve.

All things considered, EquationsPro is a practical tool for anyone who is regularly faced with having to solve common Physics equations. Depending on the chosen formula, the program can also generate charts and a unit conversion component can also be employed to generate quick conversions.

What’s new in EquationsPro 10.9:

  • Added website data,
  • Update of web address.
  • Update of web address.
  • General bug and code fixes,changes included.



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