This application was created in order for you to be able to view and edit NTFS file permissions on a network, thus making it easier for the user to give or restrict access to certain files, depending on the situation.

The application is capable of executing multiple tasks and was conceived specifically with the business sector in mind. This means, at least in theory, that this app aims at raising productivity levels.

NTFS Permission Auditor seems easy to use with a small number of submenus and an overall organized interface. It also seems to be stylish, even though in a business-oriented app, looks are the least important issue.

The aim of the application is indeed to organize and give the user a set of control tools that can ultimately correctly assign files and other information to individuals.

You can search for files in multiple ways. After you reach the file you need, provided you only want to keep evidence of the permissions you have given at your businesses’ network, you can export a file just like that.

You can later print it and even file it if need be. No matter how you harness the powers of this application, you will fully benefit from its features, as it simply is made to turn businesses into more organized mediums.

System requirements

  • Active Directory



Albus Bit NTFS Permissions Auditor Pro 24.4.116