REF-N-WRITE is a Microsoft Word Add-in that helps you improve your English writing skills. Writers can lookup into previous documents in real-time while writing to gather content and language style ideas. This tool promotes the principle of imitation learning where writers learn from their peers by mimicking their style and vocabulary. Non-native English speakers and beginner writers can use this writing tool to improve their articles, academic essays, scientific papers and PhD thesis. With REF-N-WRITE, you can cross-reference cite, lookup for writing ideas, reuse your previous content and check for plagiarism easily.

Ref-n-Write is a very popular research tool used by PhD students, PostDocs and Academics worldwide for writing research papers and theses. You can import reference materials and cross-reference while writing. Ref-n-Write contains the largest collection of academic phrases which can be readily used for paraphrasing your content into an academically acceptable format. You can check for self-plagiarism and as well as plagiarism against others’ work to avoid academic misconduct. You can easily recycle and reuse your previous work.


– Search & Cross-referencing Tool – Academic phrase bank – Paraphrasing tool – Rewording tool – Writing ideas generator – Plagiarism checker



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