Managing your agenda is not that easy, especially if you have a full working schedule. You might sometimes forget a meeting or the fact that you had to call someone. An electronic agenda could come in handy, as it helps you organize your time efficiently.
WinPIM Business allows you to create a contact list with the details of everyone you need. You can add their name, company and phone number easily.

Powerful agenda editor

The application helps you assemble a detailed agenda of all your contact and friends. The details can be: name, company, address, city, state, postcode, country, phone numbers and email.

You can also categorize and set permissions for your contacts, or add photos to their agenda details.

Reliable task scheduler

WinPIM Business can help you create appointments and meetings at any day or time. You just need to select the start day and time, as well as the end one, then add a few details, such as location and reminder type, which can be an alarm or notifier.

Furthermore, you can easily preview any scheduled tasks by day, week or month, as well as their current status, which could be : not started, in progress, complete, waiting or deferred.

Fast memo creator

WinPIM Business gives you the possibility to create memos or keep a diary with all your ideas and toughs. You can create advanced notes which can contain emoticons, pictures, screenshots or attached files.

A useful agenda application

WinPIM Business helps you easily organize your time and contacts. Any scheduled tasks or appointments will be reminded to you, so you do not have to keep track of all the meetings you need to attend to.

The application can help you manage your working time and scheduled tasks, so you have more free time to spend.



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