Fork is a flexible, super-fast, and multi-platform application that makes GitHub version control a lot easier for you and your teammates.

Easy navigation and the main tab functions
With Fork, users can easily execute commands. You have the ‘Quick Launch’ directory that allows searching for and quickly picking up a command for immediate execution. By accessing Quick Launch, a new window, centered on the screen, appears. Here, you can see the recently opened repositories (including their path) and the available commands. Using the intuitive search function, you can find and initialize, in seconds, any process.

Between the available commands placed in the title bar, you can find the ‘File’ button (for initializing new repositories, configuring SSH keys, managing accounts, and setting up preferences), the ‘View’ command (for handling commits, show the HEAD, filtering active branches, and collapsing all merges), the ‘Repository’ option (for fetching, pulling, and pushing data, as well as handling Git flows and LFS, and setting up repository statistics), and the ‘Window’ and ‘Help’ buttons (for managing the configuration of your design and accessibility options).

Conflict handling resolvers and main feature overview
With Fork, you have a bunch of options for handling your merge-conflicts — using features like the helper and the resolver options. The tool’s overview panel is incredibly well-built and spacious enough for representing visually all separated branches that need to be merged, including the container with the description and naming of each instance.

Fork also allows editing, reordering, and squashing commits via the visual interactive rebase. With this tool, you can visualize the differences for common image formats, manage and organize repositories into separate categories, and use the ‘Blame’ function for analyzing, line by line, code modifications correlated with their authors.

To summarize, Fork is a super-complex and powerful application that makes working with GitHub a lot easier for anyone. Whether you are a beginner or a professional coder, you can make use of all the quick launching, conflict handling, and code managing features and options.



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