When it comes to engineering, computational perfection is sought after, more so if we’re talking about building civil or industrial structures. To aid with design, apart from CAD software, specialized tools enable you to obtain accurate models for individual structural members.

An example is ASDIP Steel, a tool comprised out of modules which make it possible to perform calculations required to design steel base plates, columns and beams. It helps you to effortlessly deal with preliminary, as well as a consistent portion of detailed design.

Intuitive easy to navigate interface

ASDIP Steel is created to be efficient and practical for anyone who uses it. The moment you run it, it lets you choose which element you want to design, add a name for it and get started right away.

One of the big advantages of using ASDIP Steel (whether you’re an engineering student or an engineer) is that you considerably cut down on the time spent writing equations. ASDIP Steel complies with current building regulations and as long as you use it, all you have to do is insert values for element dimensions, loads, materials used and some anchorage details.

Generally, applications of this type can be a bit hard to follow and manage but that’s not the case with ASDIP Steel. While working on any of the elements, you get a clean and well organized multi-tabbed main window from where you can enter design values and view results.

Instant and easy to read results

Another great advantage to using ASDIP Steel is that results are provided in a blink of an eye, if not faster. Any value you add instantly updates results for service loads, bearing stresses and anchorage design.

They are presented in multiple ways, ‘At a Glance’, ‘Condensed’ and ‘Detailed’, enabling you to oversee every little detail. Additionally, ASDIP Steel also generates graphs for the base plate along with tension and shear breakout.

Efficient, fast and straightforward

On a closing note, as with all engineering software, ASDIP Steel can take you so far. It facilitates calculation and promptly delivers all the results you need, but a couple of years of on-site experience make all the difference between instantly figuring out what you need and going through a couple of design drafts. Although, that is also part of the learning experience.