XML Signer (XAdES) main function is to sign XML documents using X.509 digital certificates. Using this product you can quickly sign multiple XML files (bulk sign) by selecting input and output directory. This is ideal for batch signing of large number of corporate XML documents rather than signing each one individually.

XML Signer allows you to sign XML documents without any need to purchase additional software.

PKI Interoperability – XML Signer is completely PKI neutral and will work with PKI components from any vendor (this includes CAs, certificates, CRLs, smartcards, etc.).

Standard Compliance – XML Signer signatures are compatible with XAdES-BES and XMLDSig format.

Hash Algorithms – XML Signer can use SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 algorithms.

– Support for certificates issued on smart card, USB token, eToken, DSC
– Support for eIDAS digital certificates (EU Regulation 910/2014)
– SHA 256/512 support
– XAdES-BES standard
– XMLDSig standard



XML Signer Setup

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