Regardless of the field of application, be it general construction, architecture or other, when dealing with structures that are or can be subjected to loads, it is important to account for both the static and dynamic aspects that such loads can infer into beams or trusses. 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition was designed especially for performing structural analysis for frames and related elements that are under linear or non-linear loads, static and dynamic.

As with most CAD programs out there, 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition also comes packed with a multitude of features and capacities. However, where this program manages to excel is the fact that it provides a very well-structured layout.

All of the tools are either neatly distributed all around the main viewing area, or tucked away into accessible menus. Adding actual structure segments is very intuitive and the snap feature will improve overall precision, depending on the selected grid and scale.

Each of the parts that comprise a model can be broken-down into sub-sections or frames, which carry different inherent characteristics: material, cross-section, etc. The application’s dedicated module for editing the elements will allow users to specify precise measurements for each component.

Since this program’s main function revolves around the concept of analyzing frame stress under load, it wouldn’t be complete without its core module, where one can add and edit certain response spectra.

Start using 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition and you won’t be looking at building structures like you used to, especially from an analysis perspective. Thanks to its well-designed features and still accessible tools, this program makes for a great choice for architects or those who wish to further deepen their appraisal of structural science.



2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 7.2.9