GERMES is an astrology tool dedicated to astrologers who need to make various calculations for all major astrological charts, including composites, horars, transits, directions and progressions.

The program comes with an intuitive, single-window interface that is split into two main areas, unique users along with the chart that is about to be read and interpreted. You can easily switch between users to navigate their individual charts and can add and remove as many aspects as needed. Regardless of the chart and aspects to be accounted for, they are all neatly displayed in the chart with their precise locations.

The program enables the custom reading of the debilities and dignities of planets, so you can find a reason why perhaps things are not going so well in a given period or perhaps, the opposite, all doors are basically opened, for instance. This can be applied to various rulership systems for terms, decans, degrees, houses and signs.

The tool packs an impressive number of options to help you calculate the influence of interplanetary aspects to your charts regardless of your preferred forecasting method. Not only can you account for everything from ingression of objects into a Sun sign to planet retrograde movements, but you can also benefit from a convenient conclusion in the tabular form.

Other noteworthy features in this sense include the possibility to calculate the chart at any time from the table, aspects of transit houses cusps, time of beginning and ending of an aspect or shadow retrogrades.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that GERMES works with three different celestial coordinates, namely the mundane, ecliptic and equatorial. Moreover, it supports dozens of house systems, including, but not limited to Lunar houses, Meridian, Morinus, Alchabitius, Placidus, Koh, Porphyry and the Wave, according to E.Shu.



GERMES 2.38.2402.0 Max