Duplicate Music Fixer is a useful program that helps you keep your music collection neat and clean.It works like an anti-virus but it only scans for music files.

As mentioned above, the interface is resembling an antivirus application. Right from the start, it prompts you to scan your system or specific areas. Duplicate Music Fixer scans your PC for duplicate music files. You can also filter files by bit rate, preferred folder option, file format type & by file size. Delete all duplicate audio files in a single click.

The main feature of this app is detection and deletion of your duplicate music files. For example, if you have a folder full of songs that were stored there over a long period and never took the time to manage them, the app will do it for you, leaving behind a cleaner directory without useless weight.

Creating playlist is also a feature worth mentioning as the app does it automatically, without need of your intervention.

In conclusion, if you are an avid music consumer and have a lot of directories full of unmanaged songs and need a quick and simple method to organize them and also free up some disk space, Duplicate Music Fixer can prove a dependable tool.



Duplicate Music Fixer 2.1.1000.11070

Password : madara