eWallet is an application that helps users manage, securely store, and synchronize their information into a functional digital vault that can be accessed using various devices, at the same time.

The first steps in configuring your digital assets and integrating your data

When opening the program for the first time, you will be shown the password-setting-up screen. Also, you can opt for adding an optional hint, in case your password gets lost or forgotten.

The app has a comfortable step-by-step configuration process that requires you, at the next step, to add your first card or to opt for later addition.

There are multiple card names (organized by category) and templates you can choose from. The tool enables the addition of various card types and information options as well. Some of the categories where you can add your information are ‘Bank Account,’ ‘Car Info,’ ‘Clothes sizes,’ ‘Combination Lock,’ ‘Driver’s License,’ ‘Health Numbers,’ ID Card,’ ‘Insurance Policy,’ ‘Social Security Number,’ ‘Voter Card,’ ‘Website,’ and many others.

Design, edits, and app configurations

This application is simplistic and it offers UI changes you can easily implement. The interface’s design can be adapted by choosing a different theme, the digital data can be nicely arranged into a digital card-like container, the inserted text can be linked to certain links, and there is also the option of adding various file format attachments.

Moreover, the previously added cards can be edited easily; also, for each information instance, you can enable password protection. The password protection option has advanced configuration methods, such as lowercase/uppercase/symbol insertions, punctuation allowance, plus memory pattern recognition (e.g. dictionary, pronounceable, mnemonic sentence, etc.).


To conclude, eWallet is far more than a card data management center. It is a digital container for all your important information that can also be used for keeping personal notes, diary entries, etc. Equally, you can use the application for seamlessly synchronizing your data in the cloud, via direct or remote connections, and access the information from various desktop and mobile devices.



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