Conserving resources, conserving money—these things are especially important in the workplace. CleverPrint for Windows succeeds in saving huge amounts of paper in the course of daily printing. The ink-saver function saves unnecessary toner and ink consumption. Office printing can quickly take a bite out of one’s wallet—but CleverPrint for Windows has the muzzle to put a stop to it. The software targets wasted paper in the workplace and home office.

Up to 50% of paper resources can be conserved with little, “clever“ tricks. One such technique is to display a preview of the print job in order to prevent unnecessary mistakes. One can even remove entire pages at if they discover they’re superfluous or blank

Saves money

Printing multiple pages (1, 2, 4, 8) on one is possible. Unnecessary pages can be excluded from the print job.

Saves printer cartridge and time

The new CleverPrint toner saving function allows to lighten up your print job before printing. This ensures a reduced consumption of the printer ink.

PDF printer

CleverPrint is able to convert print jobs to PDF documents or to PNG, JPG, etc.

Optimizes print jobs

CleverPrint can remove graphics within a print job and thus drastically reduce printing costs.



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