When your computer runs out of space, the first action you need to take is to look for duplicate files or folders. Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the numerous options you have when it comes to finding and removing dupes from your PC.

Supports several source locations
The main window allows you to drag and drop the folders you want to analyze, then fine-tune the search by creating a list with all the directories you want to exclude.

Moreover, besides folders from your PC, you can also analyze your Google Drive or your Dropbox accounts, thus making sure there are no items that take up unnecessary space. You do not even need to download the data to your PC first (but you do need to enter valid credentials to connect to your account).

Preview the files to be removed
A useful feature of Duplicate Files Fixer is that you can preview the duplicates you are about to delete. In other words, you do not need to manually access the location of these items and open them to ensure you are in fact erasing the correct items.

Also, the dupes are automatically sorted according to their format, so you end up with a tab for documents, another one for images, one for music and so on. You also get a clear idea of how much space you could save once you cleared all the detected files.

Another upside of this app is that it can automatically mark the duplicates according to some criteria you specify, so you do not need to do it manually (which can be quite a hassle when dealing with hundreds of items, for instance).

To sum things up
All in all, Duplicate Files Fixer is a straightforward utility that can assist both novices and experts in finding dupes on their PC and quickly deleting them.



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